Mason Ho // Rocky Point // 2:35

posted by / Video / November 15, 2011

Four days ago Mason sent me a link to another one of his videos he seemingly puts out on a manufacturing line. I told him I want to see him do more mute grabs because it seems like almost no one does them. He doesn’t respond until he has a new video where he completes a mute and an indy, as well as two rodeos (which I’d like to see him grab as a lien instead of double). He also adds some epic switch-stance fucking around and a Kenny Powers-esque jack-off simulation. Mason Ho is my favorite surfer and probably my favorite person, too. —Jimmicanemason ho

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  • El Rey

    Since when do second rate photographers call the shots.

  • Buttercup

    @ El Rey…Funny shit! Yeah, how can a hobbit call any shots?

  • tealergang

    since when do spaniards question shot calling

  • Stewart

    Mr. Ho is Chinese royalty in China.

  • fse

    horrendous style as always

  • always pissed because he has bitch tits

    ok, jimmicane, you earned some props..
    this is good stuff.

  • Steve

    ANOTHER Mason Ho video?? Seriously???? What has this kid done? Ever? I hate being negative, but come on!! How bad do you guys just want a few extra waves on the North Shore every winter by publishing this? Put up a video of someone who is either on tour or has the skills to make it.

  • Bobchild

    Mason rips; technical, stylish, charges,innovative and has more fun than most doing it. Recognize. One of my favorites to watch for sure.

    ”Steve” and ”fse” are looking through a weird out of touch lens.

  • Andrew

    Haha you guys are straight tripppin…Mason fuckn rips, charrges, and is obviously having alot of fun!! All while being super-irie too! Keep em’ coming!

  • Jim Dandelion

    Hopefully Mason Ho never ruins his style and flare by going on tour and learning Owen Wright’s new-school version of three-to-the-beach.

  • mho

    you guys rule!

  • JayC

    Steve is gay, this dude rips just like the rest of his fam does. Mad funny when he grills that girl walking through the shot hah

  • bro-dee carrrrrrr

    stevebro – “skills” to make it on tour bro? bro, bobby’s coming to your house to help you wake up bro.

  • Final Say

    You guys can’t be serious! You have to be a moron or kook to think Mason has any kind of style?! Granted, he pulls some nice airs, but he flails all over the place and he squats in an ugly way. Want style, watch John John!

  • 1FromTheCheapSeats

    his next vid should be shot at third reefing pipe.
    then we’ll see if he’s hawaiian surfing royalty like his daddy and uncle.
    he looks to be a highly accomplished rider tho’, and he’s young, so the hating seems un-warrented at this juncture of his progression.
    this is the ineternet world we live in, shits’ free to view, or not, and the mags end up putting up a lot of B-minus or less grade content.
    ( or, in the case of chas smith, just str8 up F-minus.)
    entertaining and insightful as related to the Ho clan and their progeny and def worth a view.
    could have done without most all all the switch stance clown shit tho.
    B grade mason, keep ’em coming …

  • JayC

    Granted this is not his best vid by far, those waves look like shit too. Case in point, look at his other clips, def way better hes got his AR’s down for sure. As far as riding pipe whens its firing, the dude grew up on the fuckin north shore, I’m sure hes had his share of super seshes at third reef. Also, look where the sport has progressed too since his dad and uncle were pro’s. He throws two rodeo clowns in one vid, that shit wasnt even being contemplated then now dudes are thowin those easy in comps all the time. Its a different sport now with different credentials, more people are focused on what you do in the air rather than sick carves or lines. Keep the vids comin bro.

  • Bali Joe

    You guys are all turkeys…Mason is the guy,, can make it on tour if he wanted and can and does surf third reef pipe…suck it u fucken haters

  • Donk

    Wow. With as many rippers on Oahu, you’re going to show this kook. I would rather watch a vid of his sister any day of the week. Mason will never make it on tour. Judges will go blind after watching his ugly style.

  • 1FromTheCheapSeats

    @ Bali Joe- LOVE to see clips of the kid ruling macking Third. i use to film his pops and unk back when they were in their prime and it would be awesome to see footage of him ruling it like mike and derek. my point is that it will help shut up the haters ( well, most hopefuly ) and amongst them i’m not if you read my singular take above on this latest mason vid post. i am a fan of the kid and his family but opionions are like arseholes and i have one too…just like you. get on those huge west / northwests this winter kid, lets see what you got! ;-]

  • stupid

    F U haters, mason rips and more importantly is a NICE person who lives aloha. i’ve surfed with mason several times at my home spots in SC and he is nothing but respectfull and complimentary.
    NO attitude at all. he is more of a freak talent like Gorkin, not a main stream title contender like Slater. he kills it like u kook wish u could

  • ola

    mason rips! thats it! whoever dosent think so is probably a fucking kook that needs to get slapped! thats you steve! mason keep ripping and being stoked fuck all the haters!