Mason Ho // Southern California // 3:28

posted by / Video / April 12, 2012

Mason Ho is everything fun about surfing right now

Two big frontside rotators to kick off the clip

Mason Ho

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  • zach


  • SeanLesh

    Mason is the man! More entertaining to watch than half the ct guys! I hope he’s gettin paid!

  • yep

    That was amazing.

  • lolbro

    old man rivers nearly taking off mason’s head was kinda heavy

  • Dillion Kaimana

    Beg to differ. This kid surfs like a midget on ice. No class. Life must be hard for someone who was given everything and never had to earn anything in life. Wanna see a kid who is amazing and humble. 2 words. John John. Period.

  • dgb

    Wow! In just 27 seconds Mason proved he is a viable ASP world title contender with two perfect tens in a row. Look out Kelly … the gig is up.

  • Rob B

    It’s really fun to watch this midget surf

  • Eduardo

    Little rabeator!

  • bufu

    Clip is sic. I have always enjoyed Mason surf but the comment from Dillion K. makes me think a bit.