Mason Ho // Worldwide // 3:08

posted by / Video / June 13, 2011

Mason Ho


    Rental car burnout (0:17)
    Backside air combo (0:34)
    Waimea drop (1:01)
    Mason’s ass (1:16)
    Backside floater — so hot right now (1:44)
    No tailpad frontside air combo (1:57)

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16 Responses to “Mason Ho // Worldwide // 3:08”

  1. twon says:

    007 killin it

  2. roryp says:

    more @

  3. jose says:

    shitfactory what a spoiled ass monkey

  4. David Blane says:

    That was fucking gross as hell.

  5. Chongo says:

    too many other surfers that deserve attention than this turd.

  6. jimmmmyy says:

    wow that sucked

  7. Bob says:

    What a great song for a surf clip.

  8. mark says:

    what he he like 10 or something or does his immaturaty just equal his height.

  9. bitch says:

    that wasnt just his ass he was taking a shit

  10. JakeT says:

    Wow! Lost all respect for Mason. Lost Ent. really stepping their game up. Their Next Ad Campaign: We sponsor dudes who punch chicks and guys who record surf shits.

  11. roryp says:

    JAKET you’re the maaaaaan

  12. Joe Akada says:

    Hey Ho, great tubes, but the over all video shows what a immature little punk idiot you are in the car, what you 12 yrs old? Come Waianae and try that shit

  13. Joe Akada says:

    U SUCK

  14. Kevin says:

    Mason seems like he knows how to enjoy himself. He also is 1 of the best surfers in the world hand down!

  15. M.P. says:

    joe akada has a small asian penis

  16. stupid says:

    Mason rips, u kooks are jealous

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