Matt McCabe // Ventura, CA // 2:05

posted by / Video / July 18, 2012

Directed by Joshua Gobbell

Ventura is a breeding ground. It’s one of those places with just the right mix of waves, community and natural isolation that every fewyears a major talent is bound to emerge. The Malloys. Timmy Curran. Dane Reynolds. So, who’s next? It could well be Matt McCabe… but right now the jury is still out. He’s got the talent. The motivation. The edgy dash of mystery. So what’s now? What next?

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  • yep

    Dubstep : check. Slow-mo, time-lapse, cross dissolve and film burns : check. Must be innersection time again…

  • Chongo

    Having a bum as your co-star is old and not cool.

  • K

    Sickest surfing!! The next big thing..

  • Rico

    chongo is a leva