Matt Meola & Albee Layer // Maui // 5:55

posted by / Video / June 25, 2012

Video: Dan Norkunas
Surfers: Matt Meola, Albee Layer
Location: Maui

“The Isle” Episode 4.

More than just putting on stickers (but there’s some of that too)

albee layer

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  • bufu

    Those airs are nuts. They have to be two of the best in the air. Much props.

  • Sean

    Best vid I’ve seen in a while

  • woodie

    These guys keep bringing the goods, surfing at a level very few show. This is what’s happening now.

  • mike

    Too many airs. You guys speed up footage of turns to show airs. I might be old school, but I’d rather see a speed gouge anytime than see another boring air reverse a thousand times…

  • Mike Stu

    Well then, go watch another video if u wana see speed gouges… I wana see BOOOSTINGGG!!!

  • Marc Everds

    These dudes’ air game is on another level for sure. But theres just no real spontaneity, you know hes gunna pump wait for the section and huck into the wind… hate to use boring cause it aint boring its just so expected it lacks intrigue. After watching ando do a steeze carve straight into a soul arch bottom turn and launch a lofty air reverse out of nowhere, im rather unimpressed. I guess i just like good surfing better.

  • Vjouclas

    The subject helps, yes it does, the rest is your cuts, your rithm and your poetic hand; Congratulations Dan!

  • Mat Robbins

    Dan, great work, way to make your mark dude.