Matt Pagan + Friends // Los Angeles // 3:04

posted by / Video / November 26, 2012

Filmed and edited by Mike Pagan.

Starring Matt Pagan, Matt Mohagen, and Cheyne Magnusson.

One4LA depicts a perspective on surfing and the Los Angeles/South Bay surf culture through the eyes of two brothers, Matt Pagan and Mike Pagan. Not only will Matt and Mike showcase their perception on their hometown of the South Bay, but One4LA will cover travels abroad through film (webisodes), photos and stories. One4LA is dedicated to giving back to its roots and people in need. Donations and different ways of giving back will be a constant ideal throughout this site.

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Matt Pagan

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  • Marky Marc

    video started good and then bogged super hard with the one foot air rev show….. BORING as hell… when will ppl learn that air reverses on 1 foot waves are not cool?? if i wanted to watch that id go sit in the parking lot at seaside

  • mick

    marky marc is right, those big beachy barrels were sick, save those for the end, get rid of all those tiny tail flick airs

  • Trevor

    I cannot recall a time in surf video history when it was acceptable to show the same maneuver over and over at nauseam. There have been many similar video clips on this website dedicated to the air reverse. Is Surfing magazine screening these videos? I have no doubt that we will look back at this era of addiction to the air reverse and laugh, much like we do now when we see a chop hop.

  • Ben

    the editing was pretty insane up until that point though… yeah, 6+ back to back and im on to the next one…

  • Adam

    Hollywood quality editing combined with Hollywood quality repetition in plot. To bad the south bay is closed out 90% of the time. Also, the location of all those air reverses is not LA.

  • south bay hey!

    I think some of this footage dates back almost 1 year, if that tell you anything about the how long it takes to get quality waves in LA. (FOR ALL YOU LA PEOPLE WHO SURF PORTO: please know that just because it gets big, does not mean its good.)

  • Tristan

    Song please?