Maui Boys // Jaws // 3:24

posted by / Video / December 18, 2011


Video by Wangdu Hovey

Albee Layer, Billy Kemper, Matt Meola, the Walsh twins and more get their feet wet.

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  • OB1

    Sick. Meola and Albee are like my two favorite surfers right now.

  • mik

    Why the heck is Matt Meola wearing a Fullsuit in Hawaii?!?!?!? water is like 78. wtf.

  • crx

    They wear the wetsuits for floatation and protection. Couple of the guys have custom “superman suits” with floatation built into it. That’s wtf..

  • blumpkin

    I can understand a spring suit, but fullsuit in warm water would suck..and a fullsuit in hawaii is almost sacraligious

  • Phil

    That’s gnarly for sure. If you wanna talk about full suits, check Ferg and Lowey paddling here, at 2’20, in 6mm suits, gloves boots and Hood!

  • dan

    sick video wangdu!! hopefully this winter throws even bigger cleaner swells at us. i will show you my clips when i get back on wed. aloha bro, good job