Maya Gabeira // GQ Brasil // 1:03

posted by / Video / January 29, 2014

Maya Gabeira is one hell of a woman. One minute, she getting whipped into (near) death bombs at Nazaré Canyon. Next minute, she’s getting (half) naked for a dolled-up shoot with GQ Brazil. One hell of a woman indeed. You might notice that this clip has no actual surfing in it, but let’s be honest — that’s not why you clicked.

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9 Responses to “Maya Gabeira // GQ Brasil // 1:03”

  1. tony carson (ty) big island but my friends call me "T" for short says:

    Real cool Surfing mag, way to ogjeptify girl. Cancel my sugcritions. Bite!

  2. Kook says:

    Sex Sure Does Sell. SellOut…..

  3. Hit_the_lip says:

    Maya is just stoked to be breathing, let alone doing photo shoots. After that face plant mid face in Nazare, it was almost game over for Maya. She’s got bigger balls than I do, Kudos to ya Maya.

  4. Diogo says:

    Anyone knows the soudntrack of this teaser movie from Maya?

  5. dick swinggin says:

    now ditch the granny panties

  6. its ok says:

    ogjeptify girl….yeah!!!!

  7. BOBO says:

    yeah (ty), yet you keep coming…

  8. beth says:

    Objectify? I’m certain Maya consented to the GQ shoot. Embrace the beauty which surrounds you. Free yourself from the bondage that Is anger and jealousy. SURF. LIFE will follow.

  9. alby says:

    classic beauty. Why no backside shots? I like the “grannie Panty” but why so serious? and why no backside? and the hands need work…natural beauty yes but she obviously paddles more than piddles?

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