Michael Dunphy // Central America // 3:28

posted by / Video / June 27, 2012

Video: Thomas Brothers Productions
Surfer: Michael Dunphy
Location: Central America
When: June

Dunphy called his Central American escape a vacay — we’re pretty sure he could write it off as a work trip though

Plenty of air revos and some playful tubes. Well worth your 3 1/2 minutes. Maybe even invest 7

michael dunphy

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  • Nic


  • Sean

    Last air was sick

  • rogermeras

    sick clip, lame song choice

  • chip

    Great clip, I liked the song too

  • bryan

    This was so bad it made my dog Shit when he walked by the computer and then I threw up because it smelt bad and I felt sick after watching this. Whoever thinks dub step is cool music for a surf video is an absolute retard and needs to be shot so no one has to watch such a horrible edit ever again.

  • Juan

    nice vid! whats the song?