Michael Dunphy & Fisher Heverly // OBX // 3:14

posted by / Video / October 18, 2011

Video by Nate Lee

michael dunphy

The Outer Banks just has that special little sparkle, doesn’t it? Michael Dunphy and Fisher Heverly put their local knowledge to use and score.

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  • Ncsurfest

    Great Video, high quality! where was the filming looks like Shackelford Banks.

  • Johnny

    Nice surfing but good luck with the Medinas/Pupos/Andres/Toledos/Freestones/Laus/Coffins. Guess there’s always Spectacular Adventures.

  • ben

    I feel like I just watched the same wave 15 times in a row

  • outerbanker

    these kids aint locals.

  • Fo Real

    Who is the Dion Agius wannabee?