Mick Fanning // 4 Waves, 1 Hour // 31:00

posted by / Video / February 7, 2014

Two years ago, you would have had to pay for this. Somebody, somewhere, would only have given this to you if they were making a buck off of it. But two years ago was February 7th, 2012 and gross. It’s 2014 now and all media is either free or thoughtlessly stolen. 4 Waves, 1 Hour requires no piracy to watch. The half-hour long documentary on Mick Fanning’s 2013 ASP World Title is totally free, here, now. And it’s amazing, so watch it. Watch it and enjoy it. Enjoy it like it’s 2012.

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  • Anyone

    Does Yadin have a part in this clip?

    Its probably more critical if he does.

  • SurfingKook

    Is it just me or does he bore the shit out of you?! Is interviews are boring. Watching him surf is boring. He pulls the same front-side snap on every wave! Don’t get me wrong, he seems like a cool guy. Super humble and nice. But absolutely no excitement in his personality or surfing. Please surf industry…stop manipulating his scores to prop him to the top because nobody outside of Australia is interested in him. Prop up JJ, Jordy, Julian, Kerz, Medina, etc..because they are waaaay more exciting to watch surf. They aren’t a one trick pony like Mick.

  • RH

    Im not Australian (Im American, from Hawaii) and happen to love watching Mick surf.(Great clip) I have surfed for 30 years and seen lots come and go. Hey SurfingKook. Have you ever watched Fanning surf in person? He goes 2 times faster then most guys on tour. If you want to talk about manipulating scores lets bring up Kelly. He paddles out, and already has a 7 posted on half his waves while not having gotten a wave yet. Everybody has their place on tour and fills a role that is different. “Props” to all those guys. I will say Im not sure how long a person can stay on tour that cant huck a huge air-revo. These progressive surfers are nutz! As for personalities, well Im here to watch surfing not judge somebody by there 250th interview in 48 hours. Mick, you rip. Please keep up those textbook snaps that nobody can reproduce.

  • Outside Set

    It’s just you KooK. His surfing is smooth and powerful and he’s pretty damn far from a one trick pony. Rather watch smooth power hacks and critical in the pocket snaps with sick barrel riding anyday over gymnastics backflips and toodeledoos, save that crap for the gym and the summer olympics and learn how to surf a wave properly. His personality is probably fine, but what the hell does that have to do with his professional surfing? Is the world title based on who’s the most coolest or the most likeable?

    SUPER SICK OF ALL YOU KOOK HATERS THAT WORSHIP KELLY AND YOURSELF AND TALK CRAP ABOUT EVERY OTHER SURFER in the world. If Kelly could have won his stupid twelfth title this year he would have but he got 13ths and other less than stellar results. Mick did Mo Betta, get over it. Your likely all kooks practicing of balance bottom turns in the shore slop at your local break on the weekend and your Mom and Dad obviously never taught you RESPECT. Do us all a favor and shut the hell up with all your whining!

  • anyone

    Hey RH

    Mick rolled into scores that Yadin fell into.

    Gift of a title.

    Mick is sick, most don’t realize that he finishes turns so quickly that there isn’t a ‘recovery’… he sits on turns hard. Immaculate.

    But he lost that heat and the title. You get over it Outside SEt and RH

    History will record the corporate vision, but everyone knows Kelly won Pipe.

    It will be a ‘Hardman” title, very familiar to Rip Curl.

  • Outside Set

    Can say the same S#!t about like 7 of King Kelly’s titles. His surfing is super boring, same snap over and over again with a carving 360 thrown in every 100th wave…yawn

  • matt o’brien

    Outside Set: you lose all creditability IF you are gonna say Kelly’s surfing is boring. Love him or hate [kelly] he sets the bar in waves of quality. AND can pull things kids 20 years younger than him can too, can’t say that about most guys on tour (or in water) and definitely not about Mick. 2013 goes to Mick cause the judging said so… but those that watched the whole year know who really won in France and Pipe. Hint it was not Mick. Cheers and looking forward to 2014!

  • Outside Set

    Whatever…none of this article posting, blogs or chats has any “credibility” in the first place. My point is good or excellent surfing is always gonna be excellent, it doesn’t change that much even with new tricks pulled in. I grew up with Curren, Occy, Pottz and Archy and I’d still rather watch Tom Curren surf waves of quality then Kelly Slater. Everyone has their opinion. Just tired of seeing dumb comments saying Mick is a kook and boring and not cool or one trick pony or was gifted a title. I watched the comps live all year too and I’ve been surfing 30 years as well. All the guys in the WCT are real good surfers including Kelly, Mick, Joel, etc. I’ve seen plenty of comps where Slater surfs a wave very average and is scored 2 to 2.5 points higher than other guys pushing just as hard if not harder, just because he’s Slater. One small example would be at Steamer Lane in 2012 when he “beat” Dusty Payne. Watch the waves Kelly gets ( a half carve with a whitewater rebound at middlepeak scores higher than Dusty’s real combination of lippers and a snap) and the last crazy fully committed air Dusty did. Tell me again who’s getting handed what?!

  • Kenny

    Outside-Set – you write too much and have way too much angst. I’m doubting you’ve surfed for 30 years. Keyboard surfed for 30 maybe.

  • tubetime

    Doubt all you want Kelly..uh I mean Kenny

  • ItsOnlyaParkingLotWang

    @ Outside Set- Kellys surfing boring???
    What a chooch, I am farting in your general direction …

  • MantheFunkUP

    Love these anonymous chats, Kelly always beyond reproach with the slarvers

    wang, you think that dude was using a bit of sarcasm…way too much angst wang