Mick Fanning vs. Taylor Knox // Mexican Right Handers // 3:35

posted by / Video / February 22, 2012

As the World Tour season commences, World Tour competitors look for waves that mimic the next event

Fanning and Knox find Snapper similarities in Mexico. So, who won the heat?

taylor knox

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  • forest from the trees

    In looking at their surfing, you have a more snappy vs. a more drawn out approach. Mick shows us repertoire where Taylor is showing us commitment. Apples and oranges. Not really anything to compare here.

  • Lyle

    wozers micko looks good in this but tnox is still good too. I think mick wins

  • juan juan

    jj florence smoked them both.

  • Ben

    Look at TK at 1:31. More power, TK wins.

  • dgb

    Not a single squat in squat out one move per wave bunny hop fifteen-take fluke! You people at surfing had better be careful and get back with the program. How dare you show surfers who can link turns and shift water all on the same wave.

  • Leo

    Knox. In the ring or the lineup.

  • Matt S.

    Awesome Battle! I’m reluctantly going for Mick (I’m more of a TK fan). I loved the variety in Mick’s clip.

  • Tom

    Mick surfs more off the tail and flips some cool verticle moves and whips while Taylor buries either rail with power. Lips smacks and S turns are strong and smooth. Both exhibit a beautiful balance of finesse and power but Ben and Leo are right, Mr. Knox wins this one.
    Let’s surf!

  • Yusuf

    NOT EVEN CLOSE BUD… Kelly beat Mick – but the judges beat Kelly. Stupid Stupid Stupid… at least Kelly is in front of race. That was a joke and even Mick knew it. Disgusting way to end a Perfect event. BS!!!!! Kinda like going on a rad surf trip and iettgng into a head on car accident just before you get home – it ruins the whole trip. I feel like the judges crashed head first into the Rip Curl Bells Beach Pro. Shame Shame Shame.. but No love lost for Mick – it ain’t his fault the judges SUCK!