Mick, Owen & Wilko // West Oz // 2:21

posted by / Video / July 16, 2014

Cheers to West Oz, and cheers to team Rip Curl. Here’s a quick hit of Mick Fanning, Owen Wright and Matt Wilkinson freesurfing around the 2014 Drug Aware Pro Margaret River, as seen by the steely eyes of Nick Pollet. Sharp surfing from the boys — is it a coincidence that all three are still going at the J-Bay Open? We think not.

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  • SurfingKook

    Wow! Owen and Matt made Mick look the way I have viewed Mick for years…boring! Look how much more progressive Owen and Matt are compared to Mick. Their airs…their turns…such a variety and much harder to execute than Mick’s tail slides. I’m sure Mick has enough talent to progress I just don’t think he cares to. The only variation in his turn is how far around he gets the tail. It showed him trying an aerial but of course the editor cuts out the landing because we all know he can’t land it. I find it sad Mick’s name is forever linked with other 3-time champions like Andy Irons and Tom Curren. The corrupt ASP propelled Mick to a level which he should not be at or even be close to. Skill level I don’t see him equal to Irons or Curren. Or do I see him equal to many current surfers like Slater, JJF, Medina, Jordy, Owen and a dozen more. Mick, please stop doing the same turn in every contest and in every video and try to progress. Thanks!

  • Mike Murciano

    Surfing Kook, the only thing hats on point about your comment is you name…