Mix And Match

posted by / Video / September 5, 2013

You are about to watch old clips. You may have already seen most of them, but now you’ll see them in a new light. Somewhere in this great big world, a man named Tyler McGill pulls footage from surf movies and re-edits it to his liking. And, as we see here, he’s got quite good taste. So watch (again) and enjoy.

Click your rodent here to see all of Tyler’s creations.

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  • bust nee mice

    so he takes the footage, adds an imovie filter, a song that he thought was better, and gets 40k views and no doubt fools many who don’t know better into thinking he actually got those clips? also probably convinced a few people not to buy the movie because they saw what all the fuss was about from his re-edit? kind of cheap ploy for views IMO, i’d be kinda pissed if I was the actual filmmakers.

  • the winner is

    the lawyer that sues this kid

  • come on guys

    I don’t think he is trying to fool anyone into thinking he actually got those clips, the original footage is mentioned in every video.. He isn’t making $$ so I doubt lawyers care.. I think this is rad and nobody should complain.