Nakoa Decoite // Maui // 2:39

posted by / Video / February 27, 2012

He is very well a part of the paddle in movement on Maui — but check out his surfing in normal-human conditions

Nakoa Decoite, ladies and gentlement


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  • john

    This guy charges, but his style is awful to watch. Has some power, but cant get into the air worth shit. There are some guys in the panhandle of FLorida that surf better such as Dylan Sims and Austin Magee. You should put some videos of surfers from remote places instead of the cliche underground Maui surfers. Obviously there is alot of talent in Maui we get that, its no suprise anymore. Put some real undergrund surfers on.

  • yep

    a part.

  • jim a

    John is hater. Nakoa’s got great style. Country till I die

  • fortrog

    john you are the biggest donkey i have encountered on the internet

    nakoa you are killing it

  • Nakoa

    My first hater :). Thanks for watching John

  • Mike

    john maybe those florida guys rip in small waves but i garunttee there not paddling jaws. Nakoas ripping

  • Michael

    The guy rips hands down and if you say other wise you are just hating. Any guy that paddles into macking Jaws is a beast. I got mad respect for you bruddah. The issue here is not Nakoa’s surfing ability, it is the horrible surf editing. The edit just felt so tacky and unprofessional. There were some epic clips in that no doubt it’s just the packaging that threw me off. I am a christian just like you are but I think that people were also thrown off by the whole religion theme. Keep the clips clean, simple, and straight to the point. Let your surfing do the talking because you obviously got the skills.

  • jason

    Seriously!!?? Are you guys joking!? This guy has the WORST surfing style I have ever seen!!!. Big deal he surf’s Jaws. Surfer’s have been catching big waves for decades. Big whoop?! That was really hard to watch…..

  • notcool

    Yeah Nakoa. Killing it!

    I am sure John and Jason are shredding. Wheres your vids on SurfingMag?

  • Adam Klevin

    Nakoa is a good man. A solid Maui rep with great manners and respect. Don’t hate on him John Doe. Lets see your edit and surfing. And give the editor and filmer some credit too. These people work hard and are very passionate about surfing and life.. Rip on me and Clay Marzo instead or something.
    Keep the dream alive Nakoa!

  • Ikaika

    Brah ya nakoa! Killin it dawg! Way to hold it down for the maui.soljahs! If i could id slap these donkeys in the mouth for talking smack! u fools are just hating cause the spotlight missed u wen u were hitting whack ass floaters and throwing cup fulls of water wen ud try to smash lip. All im saying is live it up Nakoa ur looking good mane