Nat Young // Car Wash // 1:58

posted by / Video / April 2, 2014

Being the ASP ROY has its perks. Money, fame, and hoes. It also has its downsides, i.e your friends convincing you to film ridiculous videos. This is as embarrassing as it is funny. Go Natty, go. Or no, Natty, no?

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  • sarah

    I lived down the streeeeeet from this car washhhhh….

    Oh Nat…


  • Surfburnout

    That was epic!!! How were those chicks chhheeyyyaaa!! Shwinggggg

  • anthony

    Those girls were killing it! Super sexy. And Nat was smiling like a little school girl. Way to go!

  • Nico

    Epic video. Congrats on Rookie of the year…

  • frat

    eyy dont they know cali is in a drought??!!

  • g

    frat funny

  • Jdawgy

    I wonder what the video is going to be like when Nat ends one of these years as number 1!

    Go Nat!!!

  • BornStoked

    Love those flannels. Santa Cruz represent!

  • Yo momma

    Go Natty, go! Otherwise I will ’cause those chicks are HOOOOOOOT!!!!! Cool to see such a phenomenal surfer being able to crack up a good laugh.