Nat Young // Hawaii // 2:42

posted by / Video / January 5, 2014

It’s safe to say that Nat Young had himself a good 2013. ASP Rookie of the Year, some noteworthy edits and a legitimate Wave of the Winter entry? Not entirely shabby. The preceding clip is how the Santa Cruz stallion capped his noble 2K13 — in Hawaii, and having fun. Nat’s lucid above the lip, powerful below it and charges without fear. Are we looking a contender here, folks?

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  • Lane


  • Timmer

    I used to surf the Lane a lot and every single time Nat would be there hugging the cliff and just getting tons of waves. He was like ten years old and I told him ‘Why don’t you go home and play a video game or throw the foot ball around?’ Looks like he did all right without my advice. But I can beat him at HALO anytime I want.

    Good on ya Nat

  • R

    OK, I know they do not resemble one bit of similar looks, but his approach reminds me of Kalani Robb. The bottom turn/hack off the top is reminiscent for me.

  • CArlos

    @ R: you´re right mate, the pumping on the first wave was like kalani with a wig…

  • Samuelito

    Nat rocks!
    Seems like a cool, down to earth human. dont let it go to your head and keep shredding young man!
    World champ??? top 3 for sure!!!

  • Ben

    No weaknesses. Reminds me of Bobby Martinez, though with a much better attitude, i.e. he could win a title.

  • Jimmi

    Wow! Nat is on fire, great clip