Nat Young & Michael Dunphy // Santa Cruz // 2:11

posted by / Video / November 20, 2013

Before the Pacific Ocean forgot that it existed, there was a good run of swell in California. It birthed good waves at all points north and south, and Michael Dunphy was not about to miss out on that. He flew from the henna tattoo capital of the world, Virginia Beach, to Santa Cruz with plans to hang out with his pal Nat Young. The duo destroyed it and filmer Bryant Thomas was there to capture their conquests. The result is 2:11 of pure magic.

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  • retard

    santa cruz, nothing original, surfing was average, the song has already been used in one of the saltybeard flicks and everyone rides for hurley.

  • pure anal

    More like pure dog shit.

  • WTF happened?

    How is this kind of stuff even posted? more “creative” shots of landscape and walking then surfing. I see better surfing on an average day paddle out. not saying these guys can’t surf, just saying that the creative BS filming is getting out of control. We just want to see good surfing. This was about 15 seconds of worth while shots and the rest fluff, just like most vids and magazines now. Industry is killing surfing. Bring back the old days of punk rock surf flicks. If your not showing good surfing then show hot ass or kooks getting knocked out. IF you don’t agree your probably a hipster under 25 or an industry fag…..

  • marcus

    ripping.. super hard

  • marcus

    “If your not showing good surfing then show hot ass or kooks getting knocked out. IF you don’t agree your probably a hipster under 25 or an industry fag…..”

    where do these people come from? these are like two of the least “hipster” pros around? and I would say Dunphy has stepped up his game a bit and is killing it, wayy better than 20 air reverses..

    go play kelly slater pro surfer in your cubicle in ohio donkey

  • andrew

    Dunphy rips

  • Adam

    I think the first 3 people are mad because it wasn’t a video of some kid doing squatty air-reverses for 3 minutes. This was good surfing.

  • Bianca

    Nat’s the man. I was doubting this guy and never put him on my Fantasy team all year. so much for what I know.

  • Anderson

    Sick vid, solid bashes.

  • its ok

    reading comments I almost skipped this one. Actually I think its pretty good. Almost complete rides, not too much slo-mo. Only thing missing is the meal shots. These kids must have eaten a healthy breakfast that morning. Why no images of the oatmeal and pancakes?

  • bufu

    Other than the Curley stickers the video was tight. Solid surfing from both.

  • WTF happened?

    You people love to stroke these guys. Not saying that can’t surf but the quality in this video is absolutely nothing special. you can paddle out at any decent spot and see just as good or better. All Im saying is make it video quality and worth our time if your going to post it on hear. Im sure these guys are capable of great footage. As viewers we should call industry out on releasing weak filler crap. Shine a turd all day and its still a turd. a lot of weak turns. Example: look at 1:29 slow mo shot… WTF is that? This video is just another example of lack of good content and filling the void. nothing special here….. keep stroking fan boys….. see you in the water…. watching….

  • Donk

    There are a lot of comments listed above that are down right lacking intelligence, talent, choice of words, and integrity. My guess is they don’t know how to surf, or have a conversation because they are so full of negative tones and are the scum of the earth! The video is extreme art and the surfing exquisite! Only a dirt ball word say otherwise!