Nat Young // Santa Cruz // 2:56

posted by / Video / May 19, 2012

Video by John Wilson

Nat lookin’ at home — at home

These are the training sessions that yield QS victories

Nat Young

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6 Responses to “Nat Young // Santa Cruz // 2:56”

  1. jake ericson says:

    music credit?

  2. Ben says:

    Highly impressive. Holds speed through his turns very well. He’s gotten better, and if he ups it one more notch he’ll be a title contender. Reminds me of Fanning a bit (reversed).

  3. mariana says:

    @jake ericson – the song is Je Suis Le Vent by Working for a Nuclear Free City

  4. bird says:

    shredding. kid puts in the work and it shows.
    getting better and better. I’d even claim top ten in the world on backhand.
    If he can get a window from all the comps…would benefit from serious time on lefts to improve forehand variety

  5. Props says:

    Is it just me or do his boards seem bigger than what others would normally ride?

  6. steve says:

    great surfer, but not on wct level at this time.

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