Nat Young // Santa Cruz + San Clemente // 3:12

posted by / Video / January 16, 2013

Nat’s on tour for 2013

Because his surfing says so


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7 Responses to “Nat Young // Santa Cruz + San Clemente // 3:12”

  1. John says:

    Nat surfs sooooooo fuc%#ing good!!
    This kids gonna blow up on the 2013 World Tour!! Go Nat!!

  2. G says:

    lol. boring

  3. bufu says:

    Ace Buchan but more progressive. He’s gonna be the best American on tour for many years to come. More technically sound than Brother. Nat is ripping and getting better.

  4. Norcal says:

    Rookie of the year…and the top 10! And, yeah, G, boring until you’re in heat with him blowing the back out of waves. Beat it…

  5. fresh til death tv says:

    no interest……..weak video

  6. Mik says:

    Best surfer to ever come out of Santa Cruz, so far… We have high hopes for him… Wait till people see him on world class waves. These vids are of the mediocre surf we deal with regularly, and he surfs it on an entirely higher level.

    BTW: adjusting your wetsuit sleeve or jersey after closing out a ride is, IMO, uncool.
    Very. Almost as clueless as wiping your nose… unlearn it.

  7. Xavico says:

    I dont remember taylor knox surfing like these on his early years!
    This kids are in other league! Next world champions!

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