Nat Young // South Africa // 2:45

posted by / Video / July 24, 2012

Nat’s backhand alone belongs on tour

A banger Jeffreys Bay tube to close

Nat Young

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  • andy

    Backhand style only a Brazilian could love.

  • Mike

    Your caption couldnt be more right. That is a WCT backhand

  • Mik

    NorCal powersurfing… Will soon be in the same league as the top WCT goofy-foots.

  • IsoceleseTriangle

    Take away young Nat’s air game and he’s still a way off from Occ-Good’s status rail / power-wise just yet but shit hot surfer no doubt.
    Potential 5 tool frontside / backside surfer – airs, tube rider, turns, rail knowledge are there, needs to put some more weight on him or something and get full power surfer mode going because that aspect is not leaving surfing, pro level or otherwise
    Could be one of the greats when all is said and done, will be a blast watching him develop and mature. And he has a pretty big name to live up to ;-]