New Jersey // Ended Summer // 5:03

posted by / Video / May 1, 2014

The 2013-2014 winter was one of the toughest in the Northeast’s recent memory. It was freezing, gray, windy, stormy, snowy and absolutely firing. Seriously, look at some of the waves Sam Hammer, Chris Kelly, Andrew Gesler, Ryan Daly, Tom Ihnken, Clay Pollioni and Al Pollioni got over the winter. It’s non-debatably world class, which raises the question: Is New Jersey the world’s next surf travel hub? Could you imagine? Cedar shake warungs selling $5 oversized slices of pizza with cheese fries. Mr. Ketut driving you around all day, except his name isn’t really Ketut, it’s Tony and he owns a gun. Complete suburban nirvana….eh, probably not. Too cold.

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  • Jersey Orilla

    Jersey…..what? I laugh when I read about West Coasters complaining about putting on gloves, maybe a hood. You guys wouldn’t last a month. All respect to the NorCal chargers, you guys do battle with Great whites and surf sick waves. All you Newport Jetties hipsters, OC trust fund babies, Lower Trestles kooks, San Diego surf gangsters, look at yourselves in the mirror and get a clue.

  • ^^^^^^^

    Might be the most Jersey reply I’ve ever seen. Sick waves though. Still, fuck that.

  • the duder

    Hey look you guys its an internet tough guy shit-talker from New Jersey. It’s nice that you were able to evade stereotypes with your misguided rant. I particularly enjoyed how you opened with an affected suburban white-boy self congratulations. It really brought the whole thing together for me. So thanks for that.

  • buck

    where’s jimbo junior?

  • Brogan

    Sick reel. Some of those dudes got some tasty barrels! Yeew!

  • Jason for a peak at the real New Jersey, not the shit talking, stereotypical bullshit seen on TV.

  • Jersey Orilla

    Hey The Duder,


  • NJsurfer

    Jerseys got the juice in the winter and no one from anywhere else is willing to admit it… we have amazing waves but keep hating and stay away well have our fun waves all to ourselves


    Jerseys got the juice!!! all you other haters hahahhaa ignorant dicks u dont know anything about NJ and i hope you stay away from our breaks its better that way

  • Life

    This shit is cool. Fuck the squabbles. Goons…