Nic Von Rupp + Friends // Ireland // 5:38

posted by / Video / January 27, 2013

How many Hawaii vacays been postponed for a quickie to Ireland? In the history of flight, none.

Last minute change of plans yields monster-sized tubes

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13 Responses to “Nic Von Rupp + Friends // Ireland // 5:38”

  1. usa says:

    wonder if he’s holding onto a few even better clips from that day for innersection, if so, he’s your next winner. that paddle sesh was mental.

  2. Jaques says:

    That’s sick.

  3. Shreddyhb says:

    That was mental

  4. Az says:

    Nic is ripping so hard! Keep representing Portugal buddy!

  5. Simpo says:

    Mental clips boys! Ireland hold some heavy waves! sick to see them score!!

  6. Sagara says:

    This kid is growing and becoming quite a waterman and gentleman.

  7. Rob B says:

    waves of the winter definitely not ridden at pipeline

  8. bruno says:


  9. Ben says:

    Holy shit, that was impressive. The paddle-ins reminded me of humongous Cloudbreak.

  10. Frankie D says:

    Nico you are the man and so good to see you go for it. Keep it up and you are the real deal. Mental edit and amazing surfing….

  11. IsoceleseTriangle says:

    three very enthusiastic thumbs up for the swell, the ride(r)’s and the film edit(or).
    this is the bar you should set at for the quality of videos you post and more befitting of the global media entity you’re supposed to be…

  12. nate kalili says:

    much respect ! BRAVO !!!!

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