Nick Rozsa // Europe // 6:09

posted by / Video / December 16, 2013

It’s been too long since we’ve last seen a clip of Nick Rozsa. After Nick came out hot and humid with his Homegrown series, his name has meant gold in the land of the web clips. And today we see a 24 karat nugget from the mines of Europe. It’s six minutes long and titled with the curious name of Club Jenny. We applaude.

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  • 805Local

    Wow, no one has commented yet? I guess they are too busy arguing over Yadin and Mick to see some great surfing with no judges… Give it up already!

    Great film from a great surfing/filming team. Nick Rozsa is becoming one of my favorite surfers. I always get pumped when I see him the water now at local spots and his shaper is making killer boards. Keep these films coming! Surfing needs more of this!

  • Bocain1

    Great local surfer shredding in awesome surf, what more could you ask for! Cant wait until the next video. Thanks Salty Beards for holding it down for the 805

  • Joe

    Agree! Rozsa rips!! Smooth, fluid and & great style. He’s in my top 6 (Parko, Taj, Bruce, Andy, Dane & Laurie Towner).

  • Chris

    Some unreal surfing right here^ by nick rozsa!!! I’ve always known that Europe has good waves but I’m blown away by some of the setups in this video!

  • Santa Cruz Steve

    beautiful film, great job. good skill both in and out of the water. Cheers!

  • Bond Summers

    Magnus Gloriosus