Nick Rozsa & Kelly Slater // Santa Barbara // 3:42

posted by / Video / January 23, 2012

Nick Rozsa

Part Three of Chris Papaleo’s Homegrown Series featuring Nick Rozsa

This kid’s been flyin’ under the radar for way too long. Let’s reintroduce him to the world, shall we?

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  • nic

    Holy shit how polished is Rozsa! Surfing like he should be on tour

  • zach

    This clip could of made a video part!

  • nice work

    Agreed with the posts above.

  • Kyle

    Rozsa fuckin kills it!! Stoked to see he finally got sponsored again.. definitely deserves it

  • Luke

    he’s doing well at like 40 dont get me wrong but Slaters airs are always a bit awkward aye? Not high either just to point out.

  • Murray

    Great clip – really nice style too!!

  • Addison Teach

    absolute ignorance in the comments above from office chair quarterbacks…

    how many 40 year olds are pulling air reverses?
    sure Kelly might not bring it around as quick, but lets be realistic about variables such as age, proprioception, etc.

    think and then post.

    most of us could hope to be pulling off what he does at his age.
    I’m not defending the guy, but let’s have a reality check

  • Luke

    Ok Addison..obviously struck a nerve there. Don’t play football either.
    Ignorance? I’m not ignoring anything, I’m pointing out my observation. And I’m right! And yes you are defending him, maybe you should think..better yet open your eyes. You Slater lovers get so up tight!
    Expected response. bye.

  • Stupid Luke

    Luke you obviously didnt see Kellys air from the Brazil comp this year or his one in the New York comp. Maybe you should open your eyes as you put it. Youtube that those airs then come back and say what you did with a straight face haha

  • Stupid Luke

    Actual here is the vids for you luke
    the air is at 20 seconds
    here is the NY one

  • mik

    @ Luke, exactlly m8. It’s all a scam, an American scam. The air in NY slow low not critical at all. The double side slip tube in France a couple years back, fake booring anybody could have done that. The fall down lay back barrel recovery against Bruce at Chops “photo shoped” Fading the bowl at “PP” all done with mirrors. The 10 15 second tubes back in the day at G land again photo shopped. All the Pipe Masters wins “fixed I say Fixed” All “11” world titels just a big fricken Quicksilver/American backed SCAM! No question about it just ask Mic Parko the real Luke, “Luke Egan” Tony Doris any one with the name Lopez O’brien HO Smith Renolds Florence Foster Lydell Armstrong Bush O’bama Woods or Anderson….

  • kyle

    stfu^^^ mikdumbass

  • Luke

    Haha thanks for the if i havn’t seen them. The New York air was insane, the lame claim ruined it though. Hey i dont get me wrong i idolised Slater growing up.just find some of his airs really forced and they bug me. I never mentioned anything else…(Mik) was that sarcasm?

  • g-flat

    wow. retarded. anyways, who cares about Kelly, if every world tour event was held near Ventura Rosza would be world fucking champion (only cause Dane doesnt compete anymore guy guy) Now lets get some gay ass arguments going over that bitches….

  • Mike Anderson

    @ Luke ya sounds like sarcasm to me….

  • Mik

    @ Kyle dumb ass my ass. I have zero debt that’s zero debt f wit.. Homes in two major cities on each side of the globe a place in Bali apartments downtown in another major city and a nice place in Bali. A company that has helped and helps 10 of thousands of people improve their lives that’s our staff and patrons. I had 100US$ to my name when we started that company. 9 years ago. I ride 6’3″ to 8’0″ in nice warm water surf.
    So who is the dumbass now!?!

  • Luke

    g-flat, i like where ya goin with that. Dane is the best in the world hands down. Kelly is best at surfing to a criteria.

    MIk..that wasn’t needed.

  • g-flat

    MLK needs to settle…. and Luke the most important part of my comment was “who cares about Kelly” lets talk more about Nick and how crisp and clean and snappy his surfing is looking lately! Is this guy even sponsored? Did REEF drop him and pick him back up, and if so is he surfing for boxes of clothes and sandals versus a paycheck? Talk to me somebody, and not about Kelly……

  • zxcvb

    Kill your Computer……………………..

  • Hijab

    Kelly just surfs with ease and has a stmooh style. Taj is a bit fidgety, and it seemed to get worse as he got more frustrated with his results of each wave.