Nick Rozsa // Mainland Mexico // 5:05

posted by / Video / April 18, 2012

Video by Chris Papaleo

The homegrown series ventures outside of Ventura to the warm waters of Mexico

And Rozsa looks right at home

Nick Rozsa

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10 Responses to “Nick Rozsa // Mainland Mexico // 5:05”

  1. Mik says:

    Dane = Batman / Nick = Robin

    The dynamic duo of coolness.

    Great surfing, more, por favor.

    btw: where is? Mexico, but where?

  2. bro says:

    I was thinking the same thing, interesting that two styles could be so similar from one place.

  3. Blizz says:

    Let’s make a new rule- no more Mexico footy! We can’t even surf down there anymore because of your overexposure.

  4. IsoscelesTriangle says:

    wonder if they paid caesar and his merry band of thieves, oh, excuse me, their “association”, the required $800. in extortion money to film?
    great video and surfing, hombre rips !

  5. yeah guy says:

    Dane was in this?

    At least they didn’t use a crappy song… holy smokes. Unfortunately, I can’t take any footage from a sand – bottom right point break seriously, after watching Andy Irons at the Rip Curl contest in ’06 and Dusty in Lost Atlas.

  6. jake ericson says:

    yeah, guy … i was there a few months back and saw him … where were you?

    i watched him “tee” off on point breaks …

    umm yeah guy, on your computer. now get back to keyboarding. yeah guy, go away.

    until you post your self surfing, shut up.

  7. yeah guy says:

    @ Jake Ericson – Waiting for your clip. Keep killing it.

  8. jake ericson says:

    yeah guy:
    im on youtube, where are you?

    i know, in your mother’s basement with rag on one side of the computer and a bucket of water on the other to wipe down your contributions to the internet world.

    yeah guy, a midget keyboard warrior who can’t even turn on his surfboard… trying to be relevant. go away cancer.

  9. yeah guy says:

    @ jake ericson – ‘im on youtube, where are you?’


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