Nick Rozsa // Santa Barbara // 5:01

posted by / Video / February 21, 2012

Part IV of Chris Papaleo’s Homegrown Series featuring Nick Rozsa

What a marriage between two creative individuals — like Sonny and Cher or Simon and Garfunkel. Waves start pumping @3:23

nick rozsa

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  • Cavey

    Why do you guys insist on calling Oxnard Santa Barbara? Oh whoops…

    Rad clip though, this guy needs some big $$$ backing.

  • Go home

    One trick pony. Boring. Most groms shred harder than him these days

  • Derek Savoie

    Nick you are fucking ripping! Homegrown edits for days.

  • Syd Barrett

    If he allows his creator to pulse through his veins, he will find two gears yet beyond himself….and we will all see a talent that comes along once in a lifetime. This is only the surface of a molten iceburg.

  • FUCK”Go home”

    Go home: if you are serious you are a dumb piece of shit

  • Mik

    Dane Reynolds = Batman
    Nick Rosza = Robin

  • Dave

    I remember if you filmed here your camera would be thrown in the ocean. I miss good old strand.

  • What happend

    Seems like now a days you see a new video from the Nard’ every week. Use to be way more guarded from cameras. I agree with Dave who posted above. What happened?

    You can tell from the vids too it keeps getting more packed.

  • nathan

    what happened to strand? if thats what you guys are asking? ask carter…he’ll explain everything. then ask timmy curran who started filming there 10 years ago or even longer. what happened to oxnard? locals turned into pussies…thats what happened. this kid is just trying to make a living to support his family. if you guys above had a life maybe you would realize that too and stopped being immature prideful old men who still think they hold down localized spots that are not even localized anymore. fucktards.


    dane reynolds= 2 and half years older then rosa
    rozsa = dane reynolds level in 2 1/2 years

  • maker

    Why are people hating on Rozsa. Kid has been underground his entire career. Im pretty sure there is no comparison between him and Dane (at the moment)besides the fact they live in same area and are doing the same thing with there surfing. Dane is not even involved with this video so how does his name even get mentioned. His video’s are just to show people what he is up to, thats it. No comparing, no judging, no false accusations. He is just having fun. So for people to come in here and start hating on a kid for say filming at his home break, or being a “one trick pony”, or claiming groms surf better then him are just out right obsurd. Find things better to do with your time then to hate on a kid who is underground and is not selling himself out like all the “GROMS” these days with thousands of sponsorships all over there boards and are doing it for the money. Rosza surfs cause he loves surfing. nothing more. nothing less. cant hate on someone for that.

  • Mik

    maker: i am not hating on Rozsa, in the least.
    i’d think that anyone would be down with being compared to Dane…
    and the similarity of style is obvious, and rad.

  • maker

    @Mik ya no worries thats is cool being compared with dane. i know rosza personally and the kid is cool as shit. has a baby now and a really cool girlfriend. he settled for a tiny deal with reef to support his family and so he could still surf for the fun of it. i just get bummed hearing people talk about him when no one has any idea who he really is or what he stands for. he likes being underground. thats his gig. the videos are just for fun says papaleo. they have done this whole thing with no budget. not a single dime has come from this or gone into it. its all for fun and love of doing it. thats what makes it special. all these people saying shit about rosza are retarded. they have no idea how hard this kid works to make a penny. he barely gets by and still finds time to go out in the water and rape waves. its really awesome honestly. all these other little kids with tons of sponsors like mentioned above all have full support from sponsors giving them all the opportunity in the world to do what they do. rosza struggles so hard to just put gas in his tank to drive to the beach. but thats what he likes, and thats why we all respect him. he is raw, he is real, and just doesnt give a fuck about the industry or all the shit talkers. he is who he is. thats what makes him epic if you know him. he keeps it real.

  • H20spy