Nick Rozsa // Ventura // 2:34

posted by / Video / November 15, 2012

Video: Chris Papaleo

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World Tour talent on his local stage

Nick Rozsa

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10 Responses to “Nick Rozsa // Ventura // 2:34”

  1. Ben says:

    The surfing was awesome. The music totally sucked.

  2. John Mag says:

    Music was original and the surfing was next level awesome

  3. Shakinitup says:

    Music was Average. Surfing blew my mind.

  4. G says:

    all about the strand, brah

  5. yeah guy says:

    did he really touch those cigarette butts? that is disgusting.

  6. oliver Kurtz says:

    that blew my mind

  7. duh says:

    good but wish he focused on his rail work more

  8. Marky Marc says:

    i just wish his backside top turn was as good as that bottom turn.. vicious

  9. John Mag says:

    holy shit this kid is the man sick edit agaim

  10. Rico says:

    hey dont be fooled nick is a yuppie rich kid! straight up

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