Nick Rozsa // Ventura // 6:03

posted by / Video / October 9, 2012

The final installment of the Harvest series from Salty Beards

Consider this webisode series harvested, packaged and shipped

Shot from Sep 20th – Oct 6th.

Nick Rozsa:

“The last few weeks of summer were pretty dismal around our area. Finding waves was comparable to finding a straight guy in a gay bar. Luckily for us we had our first northerly push from the great Gulf of Alaska while the remnants of a south swell were rubbing against the california coastline. Having both north and south swells in the water together allows people that live in our area to actually enjoy a day at the beach. When the swells reached our coastline it was everything but what we expected. 2-3 foot waves and too much hype around the swell once again. Thank you great pacific for once again letting me down. Maybe one day I will be graced by the presence of a wave over head high.”

harvest z

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  • John Mag

    Great Clip! Kid is blowing up right now.

  • Hot Dog Stand

    Super sick edit!!! You guys are killing it. Great music selection as well. Just bought the Onwards album.

  • James goodwin

    Air reverse…..air reverse….cool

  • n2wind2000

    Amazing air combat! Dude knows how to surf….audio a great choice, just downloaded it too….

  • allrailnotail

    even though this edit was mostly air reverses, i’ve seen plenty of footy of rozsa putting it on rail…stoked he’s reviving his career while being a young parent

  • americanpride

    yea those waves look like a big let down…what an ass…if i had waves like that around here i would have a huge boner all day long

  • Ben

    I am impressed. He attacks his aerials a la Dane.