Noa Deane // 4:3 Series Part II // 2:25

posted by / Video / July 25, 2014

Something about this edit of Noa Deane feels raw. And not raw like the wrap you shared with that pretty girl at the health food store and pretended to enjoy. But raw in the sense of being real. Raw in the sense of loud, belligerent talent. Raw in the sense of the 4:3 series somehow being Noa’s throwaway clips. That kind of raw.


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  • Mik

    i’m liking Noa’s surfing…

    but when the music is driving faster than the surf… ?

    being cool isn’t automatically linked to indy/punk music.

    on the other hand, trying too hard always = warm.

  • theBIGbuffalo

    Noa Deane is offensively average.

  • Scrap

    yep, don’t really get why everyone is bonered up over this guy.