Noah Schweizer // Florida // 2:01

posted by / Video / October 23, 2013

This clip is so New Smyrna Beach. It’s got all the components we’ve come to love from the old NSB. Driving on the beach? Check. Butts? Check. Sharks, airs and the most rippable looking waves ever? Check, check and check. Noah Schweizer is a rising star from the east, and he’s beginning to look more and more like a man. Noah appears to be riding bigger boards than he has in the past and we’d say it’s paying off. His combo at 1:07 is all you could ever ask for out of a waist-high wave and the backhand twirl at 1:28 is world class. Go Noah! Go New Smyrna Beach!

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  • It’s ok

    If NSB really was on the map you would include the scenes where the young rippers are eating breakfast like they do in California . Surely there is a good breakfast place in town?

  • ruddy

    that was really sick. keep it up Noah!

  • Missy

    fyi…that’s a 5 ft. rattle snake in the water at 1:35.

  • Mark

    Those are not waves… I’ve seen bigger waves in my bathtub after I farted.. What a joke…