Noah Wegrich // North Shore, Oahu // 2:28

posted by / Video / March 19, 2013

Rocky Lefts test pilot

Please clear the runway


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  • Sliding Sense

    You have four photos on your main page that all show goofy footed groms throwing down the same exact moves in two foot surf. Are the current editors of this once acclaimed magazine retarded? Do you think your entire audience is 14 years old?

    Does anyone know how to edit photographs anymore?

  • Surf City

    I am from Santa Cruz and to be honest I haven’t been surfing much the last few years. This kids name came on my radar maybe 2 years ago and I had only seen some still photos of him. After seeing this video I was very impressed. Too bad the surf sponsorship gravy train has run out! But hey who gives a fuck? Surf for the fun of it Noah, you are a good representative for the “Real Surf City”.