North Shore Underground: Sion & Mikey — Two Waves, Two Angles

posted by / Video / December 27, 2010


North Shore Underground

The end of the contests means the start of the fun. Vans x SURFING North Shore Underground surfers Sion Milosky and Mikey Bruneau thread a couple at Pipeline after the crowds have gone home.

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  • alex h

    North shore underground is the best idea Surfing has had in a long time… it’s rad to see these guys that rip for the sake of ripping getting some recognition.

  • jude

    Speaking of ripping…RIP Dude! You lived big and did it right.

  • Kevin Clark

    I had no idea who Sion was until his passing and then realized it’s his picture on my desk, that I’ve looked at daily for over a year. Him sharing a wave with his daughter on his surf board. It has made me smile every day and now I’m horribly saddened by the death of this man I never knew, but enveloped love and fun captured in one photo, at my desk.

    RIP Sion