North Shore Underground: The Evan Episode

posted by / Video / December 18, 2010


North Shore Underground

Evan Valiere: too legit — too stylish, too sharp, too square-jaw handsome — to quit. The Vans x SURFING North Shore Underground $25,000 travel package would be the ultimate next step in his journey out of the rabbit hole.

“I was pretty much on the verge that, if it didn’t happen sometime soon, then I was gonna look for something else. But I never really found anything I’ve been as passionate about as surfing.” —Evan Valiere

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  • dude

    Damn, Evan looks like J-Flo !

  • mike ockenbalz

    Pretty tame surfing, aside from a few big barrels
    maybe Mikey B. can get you a gig as a town lifeguard??

  • Mikey Z

    After watching that footage I‘m hyped to go surfing. New school tricks, carves and huge barrels- that’s everything surfing’s about. This Evan cat seems cool and down to earth. Lates.

  • Marco

    Hey Mike,
    Did you notice how long Evan rode in that one big Pipe barrel and got closed out in the end? He could have maybe doggie doored it but stayed in for the vision. You don’t have any idea how gnarly and dangerous it is doing that at Pipe, because you have never surfed there. Hawaii needs more lifeguards like Mickey B and Dave Wassel, those guys deserve huge respect for what they’ve done in big surf. They are the ones we need at spots like Pipeline, Sunset and Waimea.

  • Stewart

    Wow, the gnar gnar underground continues. So compelling!

  • Kevin

    I was shocked when I went on Surfline today to check the surf and saw that their event, called Wave of the Winter, is now finished. The event should have been called wave of the Triple Crown, technically, yesterday was the first day of winter, and there’s only been 2 big swells so far this year.
    Is Evan Valiere going to put on his big wave challenge this year? That was a cool event.

  • chris

    evan rips and is no doubt the man, but he’s sponsored! hook up one of the other boys with the 25k…

  • Jon

    shrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeedaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! nice!