NSSA Nationals: Meet the Contenders

posted by / Video / June 29, 2011


In Huntington Beach right now, unwrinkled young faces are either brimming with joy (made the heat!) or holding back tears (eliminated!). It’s the NSSA Nationals, the USA’s biggest amateur surf contest, and it’s on. Entire seasons — if not whole amateur careers — are coming down to fractions of a point and one last snap on the reform. Huntington, baby. The show wraps up this weekend, with a live webcast running Saturday and Sunday at nssalive.com to show every carve, punt and combo as it happens. For now, spend some time getting to know the frontrunners in these nifty little clips from GrindTV. These kids are straight money.








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4 Responses to “NSSA Nationals: Meet the Contenders”

  1. Donkey Kong says:

    Hello. I will not be purchasing any Nike product. Thank you.

  2. Major Pain says:

    I “Tip My Cowboy Hat,” To Janice Aragon. The NSSA Nationals 2011 (Salt Creek & Huntington Beach), Has Been Phenomenal. I Can Only Imagine What It Must Be Like To Put – Up With Some Of The Parents….

    Semper Fi,
    “Major Pain”

  3. anom says:

    I think NSSA nationals has lost its prestige now that it is not at trestles. I think they really dropped the ball and now events like the quiksilver one last weekend are becoming the standard for amateur surfing.

  4. chard says:

    they cant even update the results for this year. kinda cheap. gotta wait till sat. to find out who advances. every day of nationals and u.s. surfing america should have live web cast. but still thankful they have it at all.

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