Oliver Kurtz // East Coast // 4:11

posted by / Video / September 21, 2011

Video by Sean Benik

Oliver Kurtz

Colonel Kurtz was our official SURFING house grom on the North Shore last winter. He kept the log cabin (at Log Cabins) looking spic-span and kept the performance level out front cranked up. He’s just a radical man with super messed up hair all the time, on purpose though, because that’s the style right now. He’ll be missed this winter. And we’ll be looking for a new house grom.

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  • Bro

    Video: Sean Benik

  • james rocks

    Great vid. Edit mix is solid as well progressive song choice. Oliver is K I L L I N G IT!

  • Howie

    I cant understand why this cat doesnt get moe Hyype

  • Black Young

    he would get more hype if he actually a value to his name. there are too many cool people already in surfing. He should just become a long boarder.

  • surfbro

    dope video. kid is ripping.

  • jeff

    motha fucka rips!

  • nik@nite

    Legit vid…doesnt surf like a kid.