Oliver Kurtz // North Carolina vs. Mexico // 3:17

posted by / Video / September 24, 2012

Video: Sean Benik

Hurricane Leslie vs. Hurricane Emilia

Ollie goes dark on land but keeps it light in the water

*See more of Oliver Kurtz, not to mention Cory Lopez, Mike Gleason, Damien Fahrenfort, Wade Goodall, Taylor Clarke, Al Knost and Ford Archbold in this month’s “A Mexican Dream/Nightmare” feature in SURFING magazine on newsstands everywhere.

Oliver Kurtz

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6 Responses to “Oliver Kurtz // North Carolina vs. Mexico // 3:17”

  1. yeahguy says:

    holy eff that was mental !!

  2. fishstix says:

    Yeah oliver your first positive comment!

  3. westie says:

    good to see this guy got humbled. surfs better now

  4. bufu says:

    How did he get humbled? Seems like he has always surfed well. Nice clip!

  5. jams says:

    ditto yeah guy. mental surfing. epic clip

  6. masniffur says:

    oliver likey da vodka

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