Oliver Kurtz // Southern California // 2:04

posted by / Video / June 18, 2012

Video: Sean Benik
Surfer: Oliver Kurtz
Location: Lowers, Creek, Oceanside

Newly inked-up with Analog, Ollie wastes no time and gets straight to work

There’s absolutely nothing straight about his surfing

oliver kurtz

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4 Responses to “Oliver Kurtz // Southern California // 2:04”

  1. rogermeras says:

    theres absolutely nothing straight about him sexually either

  2. Yoda says:

    Great. Another double-pump, air-reverse clone. So exciting!

  3. PeteR says:

    Blow tail air reverses are cool but when they make up 98% of your surfing it gets old to watch. Let’s see some variety mate!

  4. yeahguy says:

    super technical grabs on some of those airs! boards are looking really good. cool clip.

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