On the Road with Ben and Gabe: Nicaragua

posted by / Video / December 11, 2010

Video by: nosuchthingproductions.com


Highlight Reel

0:51 Textbook backside surfing in fun beach break.
2:20 Poor driving skills pays the price. Ox Cart to the rescue. Only in Nicaragua.
3:30 The boys extend their stay and score epic offshore barrels.
5:30 Deepest barrel of the trip. Gabe Kling.
6:52 Wave of the trip. Ben Bourgeois sneaks through the doggy door. Happy travels.

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  • darrel niki nickerson

    Absolutely clean, so cool to see such clean uncrowded surf. I passed up a chance to go back in the late 80’s and “cringe” every time I see video of Central America. Costa Rica, Honduras next perhaps? Thanks again for the video and story, keep rippi’n.

  • Leandro Cristian

    What name song? sick!! congratulations…

  • Jon

    I love these productions! Keep up the good work!

  • DG

    XX- Islands
    Miami Horror- Sometimes

  • Bear

    Ever wonder why car rental company’s hate gringo surfers? Ever wonder were the term Floridiots came from. Show some respect. Don´t drive on the beach.