O’Neill Team // Pacific Northwest // 7:28

posted by / Video / June 18, 2014

Nobody does R&D like O’neill does R&D. When they want to research and develop, they cram a van with team riders and send ’em on a road trip from Santa Cruz to Canada. They instruct the boys to get cold and land airs. In this edit, we see Torrey Meister, Brett Barley, Timmy Reyes and Cory Lopez doing just that. And it is profound. Beautiful landscapes, amazing waves and surfing that speaks for itself.

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  • Ted

    Keep the Cameras in Hollywood boys

  • OAF

    Hey Ted, Fuck off. The water’s cold enough to keep most people away and the line-ups are empty like they’ll always be up North. It’s not like they’re dropping names or pointing out any real secrets.

  • PNW

    I’m with Ted!

  • whanga bhangai

    Yeah fuck Ted haha little nanny-whiney-ass. If you surf good enough you can get set waves anywhere dumb-dumb

  • Yoshi

    Yah but your cameras have made the once empty NW spots exponentially more crowded with people. More people = more pollution, trash, traffic etc. Correct???

  • Shelly

    Wow that’s deep. Very articulate…

  • 805

    OAF, you obviously don’t live or surf up North. The line ups worth surfing are far from empty. You’re a fool for thinking that.

  • jimbo

    outta sight outta mind.

  • Dude

    Shelly, you got to understand, San Clemente public schools are really good these days.

  • Dude

    But, Ted they need the cameras to sell those wetsuits. There’s baby-mamas to pay for.