Opening Day // Jaws // 4:25

posted by / Video / November 21, 2013

The early bird gets the worm. And, in this case, the worm happens to be psychotic walls of moving water at Jaws. A contemporary flock of Shane Dorian, Ian Walsh, Mark Healey, Greg Long, Tyler Larronde and more arose before dawn to greet the first swell of the season. This edit by Elliot Leboe shines a light on their quest, even in its darkest moments. It shows nearly every surfer getting caught on the wrong side of a 20-footer, dusting themselves off and trying again. There’s something about Healey going backside that seems uniquely bold. And that drop by Ahanu Tson-Dru at 3:54? Profound. What a splendid start to a promising winter.

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  • puamai nani hea

    hooo! that last guys got lit the fuck up!

  • Ekim Rebz

    Insane focus and courage, the modern equivallant to stepping into the Colusseum to fight Lions. Thanks for charging so hard and giving us mere mortals something truly amazing to gaze. Man conquers physics and rides chunks of ocean that could move boulders.