Orange County, Last Week

A certain beachbreak goes inside out for a week straight.

When the waves are good, everyone’s happy. But you know who’s even happier. Those who made the trek down to a certain little Orange County nook that decided to spit its guts out for a good week straight. If you were there, there’s a good chance you walked away with a broken board and a scalp full of sand, but all while wearing the glowing grin of someone who was in the right spot at the right time. Above, we present a montage of some of the finer moments that the beachbreak produced from this last week of swell featuring the likes of Kolohe Andino, Brett Simpson, Yadin Nicol, Chris Waring and many more. So tune in and enjoy – there’s more waves on the way and a good chance that you’ll be seeing plenty more where this came from.

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