Ozzie Wright // Sydney, Australia // 10:00

posted by / Video / June 26, 2012

Video: Desillusion Magazine
Surfer: Ozzie Wright

“I think it’s taking over skateboarding as far as having creating people and new ideas and new energy.” — Ozzie

“This is Ozzie” — his heart and mind transparent for all to see

ozzie wright


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  • Mik

    wha’ I like is that Ozzie is a happy guy. creative, free spirited, talented, and happy. first caught onto this watching his segment in Cuba, skating, and surfing. stylemasterful… and happy. i draw happiness from his well…

  • Rob B

    + 20 s barrel at indo
    – hyper-cool hipster

  • Simon

    what a tool

  • Hunter

    What is the closing song? Catchy!