Parker Coffin // North Shore, Oahu // 4:43

posted by / Video / February 13, 2012

parker coffin

Parker’s first solo act from the Young Wise Tails duo

Three course combo @2:50 + tails — lots of tails

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  • Soup

    Good to see power surfing hasnt been killed by the “I can do a air-reverse, but can’t do a proper turn generation” of groms.

    Not that air reverses arent sick, but a solid turn should always be appreciated as well.

  • mike S

    Go shred santa Barbra pretty boy.

  • Matt S.

    For any age that was ripping but he is what 16-17? Holy shit, great clip.

  • stephen koehne

    mason is my hero

  • yep

    Korean lady and Ice=funny.