Pascale Honore & Tyron Swan // Duct Tape // 4:40

posted by / Video / December 30, 2013

Pascale Honore didn’t laugh in the face of tragedy, she kissed it. A tragic automobile accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. But rather than allowing her new circumstances to stifle her, Pascale embraced life anew. She played the hand she was dealt and she played it like a champion. For Pascale, kissing tragedy’s face means going surfing. Thanks to her hunk of a neighbor, Tyron Swan, Pascale’s dream has been realized. She literally gets duct taped to Tyron and he rides waves with her attached to him like a fleshy backpack full of happiness. Is is the most inspirational thing you’ll see today, and it essentially nullifies your every excuse to not do anything ever.

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  • Thomas

    This is ridiculous not a soul comments on this, people put your crazy little self satisfying toys away and really take the time to think about what it means to do this. For me this got to be the most inspiring thing I have seen in some time. Flat out you guys rule. Let the world take note. Otherwise where all done for.

  • Joseph

    amazinnnnggg ggoo pascale!!!

  • Oliver

    Very cool.. Inspired to do good.

  • Ztrois

    inspiration… amazing… I loved this video… Thanks a lot…

  • Sven Tdoberg

    This was cool when it happened, like, a year ago.

  • Theo

    So awsome to see Pascal surfing with Tyron! Inspirational I love seeing people like this, everyone should be like this!