Paul Fisher // Dick Board // 2:43

posted by / Video / February 20, 2014

It was only a matter of time before Paul Fisher ordered a surfboard modeled after a penis, shoved it in Kai Otton’s face, then actually went out and surfed good on it. Couple notes here. 1) Great job the folks at Super Surfboards — that thing is really believable. Great dick, guys. 2) No, really, he’s surfing good on it. 3) Is Paul Fisher the first male professional surfer ever to experiment with dicks? 4) If you don’t at least chuckle at this clip, there’s something wrong. Go move to Alaska and be sad.

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  • poop

    He really did surf it well. Probably not the first time he has rode a dick.

  • shawn

    dude knows how to ride a dick

  • Bob Urnobber

    you can tell that shape works good. Kinda short and fat.

  • Stu Boyd

    I’m sure Fisher has also deep throated more than a few deep tubes as well.

  • gurlz

    so thats how guys wax their balls. and here we always wondered.

  • JB

    Mate what are we riding fishes for!! Get on a cock!! Big balls in the tail stable as, destruction demon head on the prick too, perfect for all the learners!! How do we shape the vagina stick for the girls??

  • masniffur

    riding that board looks ”hard”…..real hard…..

  • anyone

    fish can surf

    dude is consumed by cock, but he can surf

    classical irreverence backed up by performance, brilliant fish

  • balls deep

    Hanging ten or just the tip?

  • The reason

    The nuts clearly create drag greatly slowing the dick board. He doesn’t make sections w/ speed. And wait till that dick blows up w/ sores and bruises it will be even slower and musher. I’m not sold on dick riding, 70s pinner is way faster. Check the hosoi hammer head surf board

  • Lim