Paul Fisher // Indonesia // 2:48

posted by / Video / May 21, 2012

He herds cattle. He pumps your gas. He carpools. He’s a family man.

But, more importantly, he’s a working class man. The Fish, all in a days work.

Paul Fisher

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  • Tajung Simatupang

    We just see this in Bali. He thinks it is okay because some of the people laugh with him, but we can really know he is making fun of local people and pretend to do what they do. You show us this but you wonder why we think Australians are so stupid. Next time, maybe he can come and show respect to local people, not make joke of their lives as they try to make enough money to live. Life is not always easy here.

  • L

    Well said Tajung.

  • Z-man

    I agree with Tajung. Maybe give some thought to your next vid Paul?

  • Mik

    FYI… Fisher didn’t mean any offense… He’s just a crazy bastard who is up for making fun of anything… I took it as a play on his enjoyment of living the life there… And for sure, he has made plenty of fun about us Americanos in the past… All of which has had me laughing my ass off. I’m sure there are Bali comedians who have some crazy takes on tourists, ya? :-)

  • yeah guy

    @Mik – FYI… you’re a moron. I am sure that a 4th grader that speaks english as a second language and knows nothing about surfing could produce better post than what you put out.

    FYI again… I didn’t mean any offense, I am just always up for making fun of you. I took my above comments as a play on my enjoyment for criticizing your posts… because most of the time that I read your posts, I am laughing my ass off at how poorly written and thoughtless they are. I am sure that there are others on here that have crazy takes on your posts as well, ya?

  • dirt

    @Mik, your wrong about Fish, he does intend offence. He’s the sort of person who makes me embarrassed to be an Australian.

  • dirt

    @Mik. I remember when you bagged Mark Richards in one of your posts. So let me get this straight, you think Paul Fisher is a great guy and Mark Richards an asshole? What a great judge of character.

  • Wyatt

    Big deal…a privileged white guy who gets paid to surf, chase tail and cross-fade bland beats, mocks poverty-line Indonesians (and the Third World in general) for a few Vimeo hits. All’s fair for a good laugh right?

    Problem is, that saying assumes the joke is actually FUNNY…and Paul Fisher has consistently broken that portion of the compact. This dude trades in the easiest, dumbest, least-original material available. There’s a statue…hump it! There’s a chick with a big boobs…shove a mic at ‘em! There’s a pooping dog…OMG TOO FUNNY!!! And what’s even more tragic is that he seems to be the best our silly little culture can muster. He hail him as “epic” “classic” and “all-time,” but in truth he’s just one more niteclubbing d-bag in a v-neck, with a single gag that would die at the 3rd grade Improv.

  • dewgun

    Why is everybody so pissed? Go catch some waves and get happy!

  • Kevin

    @Mik “I’m sure there are Bali comedians who have some crazy takes on tourists”
    Well, he’s not really making fun of tourist, he’s making fun of poor local people, but otherwise, you are surely 100% correct – Bali has always been a hotspot for standup comedy and the locals have ample spending money to shell out at comedy clubs. Spot on.

    @dewgun I just did catch a bunch of waves and guess what, Fisher is still offensively unfunny. If surfing helped me overlook idiocy, I would have quit a long time ago.

  • prwestside

    very funny making fun of humble poor people… come over to Puerto Rico .. we’ll show you some jiu jitsu and mma and rearrange your airhead face

  • Noah

    Jesus! You all need to calm the f*** down. Fish is just having fun and being himself. If you dont find it funny, dont watch it.

  • Matt Blankenship

    Everyone in NY hates australians. Period. it’s taking form elsewhere as well. Go to cochella next year and tell me you wont generalize and entire country after dealing with their moronic behavior for one day. You can’t. It’s all that your shown in both society and websites alike.

  • Antoine

    Australians, I’ve never seen such an uneducated, chauvinist, head up their ass, racist people. It is sad that they claim a nationality and a country on borrowed land which makes them the epitome of what a hypocrite can be. I’m pretty sure there are wonderful people in the mix but this guy is not helping their reputation.

    Let’s admit it… one or two jokes off this clip could be funny on holiday with your friends… but hey, we’re pretty basic aren’t we? For this kind of content we should be seeing someone pushing the envelope of funny and if possible not insulting a people that basically saw their island being invaded and changed forever to an extent that I’m not entirely sure they’re 100% happy about.

    We should have a feature on Surfing called Smack The Fish… every time a reader sees Paul Fisher in real life he can slap him and upload a video to Surfing’s website. The video with the most views will then win a trip with a full movie crew to Australia’s Gold Coast to create a satire (or reality show) of what life is like over there… complete with tire burning muscle cars, southern cross tattoos and tons of junk food…

  • Wyatt

    Noah, you are right about one thing: Fish is just being himself. And himself is a huge moron. Anyway, I’ll take your “what’s the big deal” POV into consideration cause I’m sure you’re a humble Balinese farmer.

    Also, if you think this is funny, you need to get out more. Or you need an MRI.

  • Ryan

    Please don’t generalise an entire country of 20 million people by what you see from a couple of teenagers at a music festival and from this moron Paul Fisher. The same way I know that not every American is represented by Stirling, Bobby, Christian or the many other different types of American surfers out there.
    How any brand thinks that being associated with Paul Fisher is good for business is beyond me.
    If you want a good example of how to be a thoughtful and respectful Australian see Ace Buchan, Kieren Perrow or the many other Aussies associated with surfing who know they have a responsibility when they are representing Australia.

  • jake ericson

    This guy is the “jar jar binks” of surfing.. out of place, useless. .. and a minority find him interesting.

    His existence is corporate funded jar-jar-dom.

  • Ronni

    Boycott Reef?

  • all hail the fish man

    fishman your the new definition of “Jack of all trades”
    we could all learn something from you oh masterful one.

  • Mik

    @dirt: Mark Richards’ comment that “the only meaningful contest on the WTC is Bells” still has me laughing… And I stand by that laughter. Total crackpot statement. As if J-Bay, Pipeline, Cloudbreak, Teachopuu don’t rate???!!! So who’s off-base, me or you?

    And as far as laughing goes, I laugh at lots of things, and that doesn’t mean that I am evaluating character when I do. Fishman reminds me allot of Robbie Page, and a bit of partying I did with him and Gerlach. Still cracks me up. I find allot of craziness hilarious and I’m sure the same goes for you, and everyone else, so you can all get off your high and mighty footstools.

    No offense intended to the cool people of Bali, most of whom seemed to enjoy playing along with Fish’s antics.

    I took its an exaggeration of an expat acting too cool to surf anymore… IE: Satire. Look it up in the dictionary. And of course his trip is childish, so is Will Farrell’s and a zillion other crazies…

  • dgb

    Mik, you are a Dick. (A name dropping dick at that) You should take your own advice and get back to us on what “human vices and follies” of the Indonesian people shit for brains Fisher is trying to ‘expose, discredit, ridicule or scorn’.

  • dirt

    @ Mik. As if MR meant it the way you took it. I so much hate your comments. Do you deliberatly try to come across as being more enlightened and intelligent than anyone else? I bet you love the smell of your own farts. BTW since you are always hanging with the pro’s, maybe you should hook up with fish in Bali. You could both pretent to root animals. Imagine the good times.

  • Soldier

    I found this video hilarious. I also laugh at the word boner, especially when it is said in public. Like “I have a raging boner right now”. Say it next time you are in a crowded place. You will get some looks.

  • Wyatt

    “And of course his trip is childish, so is Will Farrell’s and a zillion other crazies…”

    A.) Will Farrell is actually funny (and studied comedy…a lot) and 2.) Childish and disrespectful are not the same thing (you’ll find this out when you grow pubes). If Will Farrell dropped a video mocking auto-workers on the assembly line in Detroit he’d first get his ass kicked and second spend his life apologizing for it. Surfing is a no-accountability pursuit, so Fish gets off there.

    @Soldier. Yes. The word “boner” is hilarious (ditto for “stiffy”). No question. Now, walk up to a homeless mother sleeping on the street and film yourself saying “I have a raging boner” to her. That’s the difference.

  • Mik

    @dirt: if my musings come across to you as more enlightened and intelligent than anyone else, that’s your problem. Like anyone else, I write what I think. If that threatens you, too bad. Also, MR was emphatic when he made that comment. So my response stands. Crackpot comment. 5 time World Champ though…

    @wyatt: so, Will Farrell’s rip on NASCAR, or Figure Skating, or what, dinosaurs(!), or his daughter calling him out for being a drunk is studied humor, and therefore acceptably funny —and Fish’s isn’t because, because, because, uh, well because you say so? So who are you? The comedy police?

    Look, no one can say that when I am in a foreign country I am disrespectful to the local people. I treat people as I would like to be treated. However, if something makes me laugh, it makes me laugh. Fish makes me laugh… And if some of my friends happy to be public figures, do I have to use alias’s because that also threatens other people? Whatever. It’s an open blog. Maybe it should have requirements? College degree? No entry. Different take on things? Sorry, unwelcome. — how’s that?

  • dirt

    @Mik. Did you ever consider that MR was refering to the history of Bells. It has more history than any other event on the WCT. If what you say is true, why then did MR try so hard to prove himself in hawaii and spend his own money trying to win events around the globe. Way to go, take one comment out of context and burn a mans reputation.

  • Mik

    @dirt: then he should have said that. he didn’t. he emphatically said that Bells was the only WTC that mattered. i’m not a mind reader…how am i supposed to know he meant something else. or maybe you’re just saying it meant something else so you can prove me wrong. polemics? whatever. besides, his legend as a surfer is intact. i could add that being a great surfer doesn’t always mean being great in everything else, or not appearing out of touch 30 years later, but I won’t. well, ok, actually I did. reality is that some people age well, others don’t… life’s an ongoing process that demands attention to details at every step. anyway, i regret standing up for the Fishman just because he makes me laugh. LOL.

  • yeah guy

    @Mik – Can you text your boy Gerlach and ask him if its “WTC” or “WCT”?

  • dirt

    @Mik: Just so you know where I’m comming from, I have been surfing for 25 years, and in that time have met many pro surfers. I’ve met em on planes, boats, in bars and competed against them at local boardrider comps, however none i would call my friends. Sadly, My experiences with pro surfers have been mostly negative, some are cordial, but most are self absorbed assholes, who ouside of surfing would not be worth knowing. The one exception is MR, he is just a straight up nice guy. So, sorry if I seem defensive. Fish on the other hand, well I’ve never met him, but I’ve got fair idea.

  • Mik

    @Yeah guy: ur right. i make that mistake allot.

    @dirt: well, we read these things because surfing is a passion, so it’s no surprise if we throw passionate responses at blogs. that’s why i read blogs. some of the comments expand my take on things. regarding WCT guys, i’ve had the good fortune to work in the industry, on top of the lifestyle, and i like almost everything about it… i’ve met allot of great people and most important, I’ve had allot of fun. and for sure, Fish strikes me as a guy who likes to have fun. yeah, obnoxious, insulting, juvenile, but there’s a very likeable bloke in there with all the craziness, and he’s a solid surfer. so I personally didn’t take his little film like the others; and i’ve lived in Asia, so it’s not like I don’t understand their world. and believe me, they have as wicked a sense of humor as any other culture when it comes to having a laugh at anyone’s expense. peace.

  • DK

    Fascinating convo about MR boys, but back to the Fish vid…

    I am in Bali and watched this couple days ago at a BBQ with some of the Padang crew, a few of whom know FIsh. They were not laughing. One said something to the effect of, “That guy has no respect for the people here.” Others were not so kind (there were a few “would like to have a word with him” type comments). Someone before mentioned Will Farell making fun of NASCAR or Figure Skating, but most figure skaters and NASCAR drivers don’t haul bricks in 34C weather to help feed their six kids.

  • Tara

    was gonna say he was just a dick, watched whole thing, he’s got hammered enuff, locals were laughing, he’s pretti hot so i’m gonna let him off just once tho…lol

  • dom

    i’m in bali too and i find Fish hilarious, but this is another side of Fish i didn’t expect and was very surprised… this vid really opened my eyes at how hard working the indonesian people are! While we foreigners cruz by to play in their ocean, the locals are always working with a genuine smile… I guarantee if it was the other way around, as fish is depicting in this very clever clip, we foreigners wouldn’t be as cool. Indo is the Best surf destination with the coolest locals on the planet! Keep up the informative comedy Fish!! Best Blog on the net!

  • Wyatt

    Totally agree with Dom. Big thanks to cultural anthropologist Dr.Paul Fisher for alerting us ALL to back-breaking albeit warm-hearted ways of Bali’s blue collar workforce. Hopefully, his next stop will be somewhere in NE Mexico, for a chuckle-filled look at the narco-gangs.

  • Fuckyouoldfuckers

    Youre All old kooks who cant surf. Quit whining cause the fish bagged ur chicks. And who the fuck is Robbie page?

  • Gary

    Robbie Page was a pro surfer in the 1980’s, though he’s probably best remembered as the guy your dad used to pay for handjobs.

    Fish = the opposite of funny.


    A young surfer who rips super hard.

  • gus chiggins

    not bali, kooks.

  • dom

    sorry Gus, you’re right, this clip was not shot in bali but in and around Lakey… thanks for making me be more accurate in my comment… no need to to be hurtful

  • Sunny

    @ dirt
    if he makes you ashamed or aus, get rooted

  • NOT looking to profit from and exploit surfing. Are you?

    I had no idea what this “Fish” was. I thought the title meant a “Fish” board. So, I’ve never heard of this guy. (who is he anyway?) But no matter where he comes from, he is an example of clueless.
    An indonesian guy visiting your country and making fun of all of your ways of life and survival, would probably be swiftly dealt with if seen… (not so funny when it’s your life) The Balinese locals are much nicer than locals in our homelands. Take Hawaii for example. Not exactly known for its hospitable people. Try fake fucking a pig, or walking around the west side trying to fake herd goats…. Punch!
    Point is, most Balinese are very friendly and hard work for most of their life is a way of life. So please don’t make fun of their hospitality, or the cards they were dealt.

  • Teepee

    Paul Fisher, what an absolute disgrace to Australian surf culture. The only thing I can say is we are embarrassed by the big headed wanker and he has far too much ego for a WQS dropout. The only people that spur the tool on, is people who share the same idiotic morals, and criticise everyone but their airhead selves. All across Australia we refer to these fools as ” the ugly australian”. Unfortunately, they are out there, though the majority of Australians are good quality people who have decent ethics and warm personalities.