Paul Fisher // Surf Nasty 3 // 1:33

posted by / Video / May 9, 2013

Believe it or not — Fish can surf and get barreled with the best of ’em

Surprised? We weren’t.


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  • encebolladoman

    when jokes go to do bussines and its just $ $ $

  • john

    He’s a major hold back in our sport. Keep em stupid, fish!

  • James B

    Fisher is an absolute fake. Sad guy, soon will be gone and not relevant.

  • JoooJO

    He is funny as hell and he can surf! Keep it up Fish

  • Támas

    Are you kidding? This cunt can surf! Keep it up the good work Fish

  • edv

    Fuck Yeah Fish!! Why your not on the ct bruvv? 😉

  • Richy

    haha yes you loose cunt.. fish is the man