Peahi (Jaws) // 3:54

posted by / Video / January 17, 2012

Video by Peahi Surf Media

When large purple blobs show on the North Pacific maps, the worlds best pay homage to Jaws — with guns in hand

Albee’s massive Peahi tube at 2:53 is one for the books

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  • Matt O’Brien

    I would LOVE to hear Laird’s take on this Movement. While I think IT is AMAZING – I can’t help but feel that the waves are too much for the paddle surfers to really tackle. I mean NO DISRESPECT! I THINK THESE GUYS ARE SUPER-HEROS!! I Just wonder if the lines being drawn aren’t in some way a disservice to the way that a wave Like Jaws – SHOULD be ridden. BUT with that said – the jet ski clog up was very ugly and totally disrespectful to the line-up that is Jaws.
    P.S. never been Peahi and probably won’t – so I have to keep my views in perspective. Thanks for sharing and please, before you blast me & my comment – I really hope you read what I posted AND understand I HAVE ULTIMATE RESPECT/APPRECIATION FOR WHAT THESE DUDES ARE DOiNG – I’m just looking for intelligent dialog concerning the Big Wave Paddle In Movement.
    cheers and let’s toast a Toast to those Hard Charging MEN (and WOMEN if they were partaking as well!!)

  • alltruth

    from a spectators point of view a tow guy can get a better ride [maybe not better than Albee’s barrell] but I think the guys droping in get a bigger thrill when paddling. On the next Sunday the Maui boys got A solid Peahi swell with 1/4 the crowd. Paige Alms rode several late, steep and deep and now must be considered one of the top big wave women in the world

  • Matt O’Brien

    alltruth, agree with your post. Stoked to hear about Paige Alms! Sounds like things are in good hands…

  • wangy

    Hi Matt, thats the argument going on at Jaws right now. The tow surfers are bummed that Peahi is being turned traditional. There’s a lot of experimenting going on, and I think in the next few years your going to see these guys get way better rides than you’ve ever seen any tow-surfer get out there. The movement is still young, but theres lots of maui groms ready to take up the charge.

  • Matt O’Brien

    Wangy: thanks for the reply, stoked that I am not the only dude talking about it. I agree with you THAT the paddle surfers will get WAAAAAY more comfortable out there, which in turn will allow them to surf more aggressively AND successfully. Time will tell… either way I am sure that line up SMELLS alot better with a handful of PWCs and paddle surfers compared with the WaterWorld Hell that was evidence in the “past”. Cheers and good luck to you all… can’t wait to view next installment of the saga: Jaws and the Surfers Who Paddle Her.