Pedro Scooby // Mainland Mexico // 1:54

posted by / Video / August 28, 2012

Lining up at this beachie isn’t a problem when you’ve got a four stroke

Scooby enjoys the fruits of his jet ski driver’s labor


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6 Responses to “Pedro Scooby // Mainland Mexico // 1:54”

  1. Daniel Carneiro says:

    Brazilians everywhere… boa Scooby, cabelinho oxigenaado e ondas gigantes

  2. Cool says:

    What a nock off of board selection and colors…

    What is this ? Nike’s answer to a Brazilian nathan fletcher “image”

  3. tanner says:

    everyone is paddling,
    its not ok to tow through a pack of paddlers,
    so bright too

  4. BoneFish says:

    colors, paddle ins, Brazzos, exploiting a break that heavys have paddled for over 30 years with your yellow ugly board and now a wanna be Nate Fletcher….. What is the surfing world coming to?

  5. brazilian hater says:

    F you pedro scooby and all you kooky brazilians. you paddle out in packs, you dont care about anyone else in the lineup, and you all surf like you are about to take a shit. QUIT SURFING GO HOME

  6. 92007 says:

    hate ‘em

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